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No one knows your vision better than you do. The client outlines their specifications, goals, and concerns. Tamber’s wealth of experience across differing scopes of projects allows them to offer unique ideas and solutions to problems. At the end of this stage, all costs are calculated to fit within the budget, and a timeline of the project is drafted.


It’s time to bring your project to life. The architect prepares a preliminary building plan. Risks are evaluated by probability and potential impact, and mitigation strategies are proposed. Potential areas of saving costs are identified. After additional feedback and consultation, a finalized building plan is drafted.


At the end of the planning and design process, all stakeholders are consulted to ensure the important design and featural elements are incorporated, as well as confirming that the budget is followed. The result is a building contract and construction plan.


All permitting is obtained on behalf of the client.


During the construction process, regular inspections are conducted and the client is welcome to view the project at any stage of its completion. Doors are always open for consultation with various members of the team about any detail to ensure specifications are met and that problems are resolved swiftly.


A final review is scheduled and the client receives a project report.

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